Schlage vs Kwikset – Which Is the Better Lock?

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The two most common locks you’ll find at your local retail store are Schlage locks and Kwikset locks. If you’re not in the locksmith business you probably never paid any attention to these products before. As far as your concern when you need a lock you go to your local hardware store and find something that is in your price range and matches the color of your old locks.

Do You Know What Type of Door Locks You’re Buying?

You should really think about the locks you are about to buy. It might be the only thing standing between a thief and your stuff. The least you should do is make sure a thief’s job is difficult. You want a lock that will stand up to more than a simple bump key. Burglars tend to choose the path of least resistance. Make sure that is not your door lock.

While it’s true that no lock is 100% pick or drill proof, some are really hard to open even for an experienced locksmith. If you are interested in a powerful lock, you can call Armored Lock at 800-923-9141. Ask about Hi-Security locks like ASSA, Mul-T-Lock, Medeco and other brands. These types of hi-security locks cost more, but they will keep your things much safer.

What Do I Need to Know About Locks?

All of the locks have a few basic security points. If one was to attack a lock he would choose one or more of these weak points. While you’re not trying to break in to your own lock, you should understand its weak points.

Are Higher Priced Locks Safer

Both cheaper models of Kwikset and Schlage that are sold at a local hardware store have one thing in common – They are not high end Hi-Security locks. They are simple locks, but they will not stand up to a burglar who wants to gain entrance to your house.

Schlage is a better brand (Take our word for it). They have many types of locks and security levels. They use better materials and better keyways, which caters to the commercial and industrial industries. Kwikset is a big player in the market, but it’s focus is on low end, affordable locks for residential customers.

Type of Metal

Some of the things you should look at is what is the lock made out of? To keep the cost down Kwikset uses aluminum for its housing and for the Bolt while Schlage is using Steel and Brass.

See for yourself, Schlage Vs Kwikset, pick up both of the locks and see how much heavier Schlage locks are. A thief might try to drill you’re lock off, this can take only a few minutes and make minimum noise if you have Kwikset locks, even the lower priced Schlage locks are solid metal and will take much longer to drill through, not to mention that Schalge locks have a drill proof plate on the exterior of the lock.

Type of Screws

Schlage uses thicker screws- once again this is to prevent drilling or even using a crow bar to break the lock off the door. Kwikset does not.

Lacing Parts

One way to break a lock is by twisting it off, Schlage has parts that lace together making it much harder to do so. Kwikset only uses two screws to connect the exterior part of the lock with the inner part.

Tumblers and Pins

In the past few years Pump Keys have become a known thing and there are many videos showing how to make one and how to use it. In the start of this epidemic Schalge locks did not prevent this, but very quickly they found a solution that is good enough for a low level security lock. Schalge tightened up its tumblers and made the cylinder firmer, with less wiggle room the bump key has less chances of working. Once again, Kwikset did nothing to prevent bump keys.

Schlage vs Kwikset Summary

Both locks sold at your local hardware have the same level of keywave security, and both locks are at the starting point of security, Schalge offers a better quality build starting with the material and design. While Kwikset might be slightly cheaper, it only looks like a lock and feels like a lock, but in this case, it’s not a real lock.