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Handcuffs. When using this word we don’t always, as people, imagine the most happy of scenarios as they usually bring on ideas and thoughts of criminals, arrest, the police and illicit behavior, used for the restraint of those who in most cases just might be up to no good. One would consider most moments involving handcuffs in their personal lives as quite an uncertain, fearful or perhaps one of those in the “wrong place, at the wrong time” circumstances; however let’s take into consideration other instances where they might actually need to be removed.

Emergency situations can arise from improper use and reckless behavior with handcuffs from the ordinary, the outrageously absurd, the humorous and embarrassing to the actual accident. Since handcuffs are sold in a variety of locations, from army surplus stores and magic shops, to novelty stores, spy equipment specialty shops, self defense suppliers and children’s toy stores it is not so infrequent that mishaps will arrive. However, as many a locksmith can tell you, and suggest, it is usually best to investigate the situation prior to releasing someone who has gotten themselves (hopefully) accidentally locked in a pair of handcuffs.

One important piece of advice must be given. If the person requesting release is handcuffed in a manner where their arms and hands are behind them facing out, thumbs pointing up, perhaps the cuffs have a double lock feature and the handcuffs keyholes are facing out it might be best to consult with your local law enforcement official before taking any other action, as this could be a serious matter requiring their assistance.

We can be safe to assume that a child performing a magic show gone awry is a safe bet to be set free if the need presents itself. Jokes that have gone afoul with friends are commonplace from youth and teenage years, to college pranks pulled daily around the country. And, since most minds have probably thought of this scenario, the, dare we mention, various bedroom escapades that can and do arise sometimes present moments when need of release with outside help, a locksmith, is necessary (although you might be hard pressed to find friends willing to share these stories).

Handcuffs and release from them, especially the more professional variety used in law enforcement, if or when needed, is certainly a relief and for the sake of the actual need and use of them and the safety of police officers and other law enforcement members, we will do away with the “how to free yourself from handcuffs direction” this article can take and conclude with a explanation of what they are and what they do.

Handcuffs, in reality, are quite simple in their description in that they are two cuffs, both alike, coupled together by either a chain or a hinge, working identically, with a key hole for, yep, you guessed it…release.

In general, most handcuffs found in accidental situations work the same way, just make sure the person locked in them is safe and enjoy the magic show!