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Goji smart lock on door

The Goji smart lock appeared on the scene years ago and gained mainstream attention with an Indiegogo crowdfund effort. It raised over $300K and expectations were high. Unfortunately, since the initial enthusiasm, Goji has failed to deliver on their promises. Ship dates continue to be pushed back and Indiegogo supporters are wondering if they will ever see the product delivered.

The Smart Lock Market

Smart locks have been a product category that seemed inevitable. Offering users added convenience and in many cases extra security over traditional door locks. With smart locks, you could restrict access for certain people, such as a babysitter or cleaning company. You could have alerts sent to your phone or email anytime the door was unlocked. And, of course the main feature is you can use your smartphone to unlock or lock the door. These were the seen as the three main features that got potential customers excited. However, most early adopters expected much more. In the coming years, users will want their entire house or apartment synced with their phone. The door lock will be a piece of this puzzle.

How Will the Smart Lock Market Change?

The future of smart locks is still bright and use is expected to rise. We are still in the first phase. Companies are working hard to deliver products that can do the basics. It will take 2-3 years before we begin seeing better integration of smart locks with an overall connected home environment. When that occurs, smart locks should be more common across the board. Unfortunately for Goji, it seems like their smart lock will not be invited to the party.