Car Thieves Can Hack Keyless Entry Locks

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Just when you thought the advantages of keyless entry locks on vehicles outweighed the disadvantages, there is something new to think about. The reality is that there are some car thieves who are now capable of breaking into vehicles equipped with keyless entry locks. The scary part is car manufacturers and insurance companies aren’t totally sure how car thieves are hacking keyless entry locks.

Car Thieves Use Mystery Device to Bypass Keyless Entry Locks

Over the last two years or so, there have been a number of reports about thieves using some sort of ‘mystery device’ in order to hack and break into keyless entry vehicles. This apparently mimics the key fobs, sort of ‘tricking’ the locks into opening. There is some sort of electronic signal given off in order to accomplish this.

While thieves have even been caught on camera using this mystery device, there are still a lot of questions. Ever since last year, when some actual break-ins were recorded by the Long Beach, CA Police Department, there has been a growing awareness of this problem. Up until that point neither police or car makers knew anything at all about what was going on.

Auto Insurance Companies Looking for Solutions

The insurance industry has now warned that this type of break-in is becoming more common. It is unclear whether different groups of thieves have been sharing their new found technological exploit, or even how this device was invented. Experts remain very interested and trying to work out how this is possible.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has also gotten in on the act. They have also confirmed an increase in the number of thefts related to these types of break-ins in the past year. They have also determined that this mystery device is some sort of scanner box. Law enforcement units have actually recovered some of these devices, although the NICB declines to mention how many (or how many cases) have actually been recovered.

Security Experts Weigh-In

While there have been several weak spots in the security presented by these keyless entry systems, experts remain baffled about what is actually going on. Security researchers have developed several successful hacks of their own, most of which are aimed at interrupting the transmission of what is supposed to be a unique, encrypted code between the fob and the car.

The problem lies in the fact that all of the successful methods of breaking this type of lock involves either a heavy level of surveillance or the use of some technical equipment that is in no way portable, certainly not the size of hand-held box.

The only real good news in this situation is that this hack only enables a thief to break into the car itself. They cannot actually hack their way into starting the car and driving away. This obviously means anyone with a vehicle that has keyless entry locks should be more careful about what they keep lying around inside their vehicle. Experts are working on this problem and hopefully they can determine exactly what is going on and how to fix it.