Work, for most people, is supposed to be the place you go to perform your duties and earn money that pays bills, allows for evenings out, vacations, savings and safety by way of financial security.

For the business owner, their establishment and the services they provide is an investment in the future, for prosperity and growth, and the employees they hire represent that concept with care and ability for the workplace and their job.

The employee is also an investment as they are the face of the business and represent all that the business is about. They are valued members of a team that must be protected and cared for as much as the very business itself.

There are times when unsavory types try to rob a business and no matter if they are successful or not it is best to have tools in place for proper prevention whether this occurs or not, as well as to maybe assist in convincing someone to not attempt a robbery at your establishment.

Of course the first step would be to consult a professional about installing proper, high security commercial locks in your business. Consider your needs and what needs to be protected. The front door may always be open but offices can be locked, safes can be closed and access to the backs of any establishment can be secured. Locksmiths are without a doubt the most authoritative experts on this and they can also install virtually every other security product needed.

Closed circuit television cameras, video monitoring, is great in aiding the prevention of robbery as most robbers do not want to be seen or caught on the video. This type of security is certain to at least make the thief think twice.

Having more than one person on a shift at a time helps, too, especially on night shifts. It is easier for someone to come into a business and manipulate one person, but with two there it always has to be considered that one of them can get away and alert the police.

Have a strong and durable safe on site in order to keep large amounts of cash out of the register. There are many types of safes that allow for a drop only and these are very helpful as the less cash in the register, the less attractive to a robber.

Always remind your employees to be aware of each customer and watch for any suspicious activity like those who hang around outside for long periods of time and anyone who seems to be surveying the place.

While most business owners hope their employees are as dedicated as they are sometimes trust can be abused. Never give out keys to important areas and always have locks changed in the event that a possible disgruntled former employee could seek revenge with a robbery.

Always keeping mostly unused, but accessible doors or entries locked and secure will help in prevention, too.

Consult your local authorities and locksmith for any additional security needs.