Again we revisit some of the answers listed in the previous article of what a lock is. Not the explanation, but the basic and normal responses of "the front door lock", "the automobile lock" "the bicycle lock" and innumerable responses relating to other "locks". These locks described above are in fact just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as there is more than just one type of house lock, car lock, and bike lock and so on. Let's take a closer look at some of these locks and see what we might uncover.

To begin we will start with some of the more universal "house locks". In the home we will find the lever lock, which, while widely popular, is more or less a key in knob lock with levers as opposed to the most common of locks called appropriately titled, yes, you guessed it - key in knob lock.

Also for added protection the deadbolt lock, while being one of the most secure locks around (no pun intended), is also very common in the household for use on doors of all manner, as is the interlocking deadbolt which is in most cases found on the front door of homes.

Automotive locks are in the usual places such as door locks, glove compartment locks, the very important ignition lock, trunk locks and the constantly changing transponder lock which are quite expensive to reproduce, so be sure to keep a watch on these. Make, model and year of each vehicle is important when working with and identifying these locks so knowing this information is quite vital on your way to learning and perhaps working with these types of locks.

Working in multiple scenarios might not always sound like the typical function for locks, but never forget the padlock as a lock that can be used for storage facilities, moving truck doors, the previously mentioned lockers at school and while the typical and most popular lock for bicycles and motor scooters (not motorcycles due to their size) is the U shape design, the lock and chain method, which also utilizes the padlock, is also a tried and true measure and whether it is keyed or combination this truly is a multi-function and purpose low security lock.

Have you ever noticed someone pulling a trailer with their car or truck, taking the boat to the lake, pulling a motor home, trailers for work such as construction and landscaping? Most of them have an added feature called a trailer lock which protect from tow away theft when they might be left unattended.

As we delve more and more into locks and what they are and what their purpose is we can see even clearer that by name alone there is more than just one type of lock for one type of job. In fact this list can go on for quite some time to the amazement of not only the new or novice person interested in locks but even to those experienced and seasoned veterans of the locksmith and repair industries.