If you're the kind of person who likes to fix things yourself, then the latest security development from Strattec is going to be exciting news. There is a real satisfaction in being able to repair, mend, or build something without having to call in an expert. In fact, people who have lots of experience doing things on their own, from sewing their own clothes to fixing their own automobiles know that there are some things money can't buy, and one of those things is the pride you feel at being self-sufficient, saving money, and saving the hassle and time associated with tracking down the right person for the job. Few people, however, have the skill and know-how necessary to do the job your New York locksmith does every day of the year. If, however, you are an amateur locksmith or lock-picking hobbyist, Strattec's invention might still tickle your fancy.

Strattec now manufactures a re-codeable lock system that allows you or your residential locksmith to re-key a lock cylinder to a new combination without the pain of needing to disassemble the cylinder first. This is no mere single feature, but instead there are multiple benefits Strattec's invention provides, like the hardened pin in the bolt that makes sawing more difficult. There is also a collar that prevents tampering with a wrench because it spins which someone tries to break in.

To begin, if this is a process you choose to undertake yourself and not pass onto your New York locksmith, you'll need a couple of things. The first of these items is called a change tool, and the second thing you will need is an operating key. With both of these item handy you will put the key into the lock, rotating the plug ninety degrees and turning in a clockwise direction. Then, take the change too and put it into the access hole. This hole will be at the top, or midnight position on the clock. Now push into the inside of the deadbolt.

After you have finished step number one, you will notice something. With the change too totally set in place, a spring action will be noticed and this will lift the rack out and away from the moveable blocks. These blocks separate them from the rak while remaining linked to something called the lock tumblers.

At this point you can get rid of the old key and put the new key with the new combination in place. The new key, once inserted, will be moved into the new key combination.

Now, this is what your New York locksmith will do. Take the change tool out of the housing. A spring will force the rack inside the housing inside the blocks, thus keeping them secure in their new arrangement.

Last but not least, you must put the key into the vertical position going counter clockwise.

Follow this by removing the change tool and a spring in the housing forces the rack inside to the blocks keeping them held in their new arrangement.

Lastly, turn the key to the vertical position counter clockwise. There are v-shaped notches in the tumblers. These will press into the projection on the blocks thus moving the sidebar out and into a locked configuration. This makes using the old key impossible.

It may seem simple, but sometimes even the best handyman will have trouble figuring out things that a professional New York locksmith can carry out quickly and with ease.