Protection, it is said, is an instinct. Humans have it, as do animals and insects. Protection is not only for self preservation, but to guard and keep safe our children, our families, loved ones and friends. We safeguard our homes and the spaces we feel secure in and we in turn require that security for the peace of mind if offers.

If a person were to constantly have to worry about various fears of what can or might occur with home intrusions it would do nothing less than drive them crazy. There are many ways to free your mind from these thoughts and let you go about your days with a clear and happy and worry free sense of well being.

In order to stave off any possible crime that may occur in the home it is best to first have the adequate tools available for your use and knowledge about some basic misconceptions.

First of all a double deadbolt is not necessary in the home unless there is access to one of the locks. In that case it does make sense however these are also dangerous in that they can cause extreme problems in case a quick exit is required if there is a fire or other emergency.

There are three main areas of concern of a home to be aware when thinking about crime prevention, and while they are obvious, most people do not take the time to find adequate solutions. A person with any fair amount of knowledge of how to break into a home will always study the condition of the doors of the home as well as the type of door and framing. Not to be overlooked, but quite important would be any obstructions that can cause poor vision outside of the home. Landscaping, fountains, and sheds in the back and front of the house, to name just a few, are all things anyone surveying a possible home for robbery could use to seek cover and hide. Patio door, sliding or regular are usually not nearly as sturdy and effective as the front door. Perhaps since the front is the main entry point of homes this requires the most protection but most of the people partaking in criminal activities want to enter with ease and the smallest chance of being noticed.

A very inexpensive and simple form of crime prevention, not just for breaking and entering and theft when away from the home, is the peep hole. This allows the occupant of the residence to safely determine who is outside the door instead of having to open it to any surprises.

Door chains are also quite inexpensive but they really only provide an idea of protection, as they are easily defeated with a small amount of force or even a rubber band and a tack.

For effective crime prevention and peace of mind, be sure to lock doors and windows when you are away form the home and when you are there but going to sleep.